How Free-to-Play Model Impacts Character Development in Games?

Most online games you can access today follow a similar pattern: you don’t need to pay a cent to join, going through the first several levels will be very easy, and the initial quests will allow you to feel like the central figure of the in-game world. However, this model has many issues, which become clear after you make some progress. Things start costing more, quests offer less experience and gold, dungeons get more and more complicated. The trend observed here was caused by free-to-play model, which is incredibly beneficial for the developers. But what about the players?

The Legacy of World of Warcraft

When it was first released in 2004, WoW had a tremendous impact on the gaming industry. Every MMORPG released after it was trying to adopt some mechanics from WoW to succeed. Warcraft had a major difference from all other projects on the market – you didn’t have to make a large, one-time payment to play. Instead, the game was accessible for a small monthly fee, so even individuals with no stable source of income, like children or students, could afford it. However, over the course of 1 year, WoW begins costing more than a regular game.

How FTP Stops You from Advancing?

There are several ways developers can slow down your progress:

  • Making the gameplay more difficult. Every decent game should be challenging, but MMORPGs are more than just difficult. There is a point after which progressing is merely impossible, so you need to purchase an upgrade.
  • Artificially raising the price of goods. Comparing the price and characteristics of an item should clearly reflect what you are paying for.
  • Endlessly raising the level cap. Let’s assume that you’ve progressed to a maximum level in the previous WoW add-on – 110. However, with the release of the current update, that won’t matter at all, since the highest possible level is now 120.

Where Can You Order a Boost?

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