Best Weapons From Each Class in Black Ops Cold War

In this article we’re going to be bringing you guys the five top guns from each class in call of duty black ops cold war. If you want to find out the best guns in call of duty cold war then read our guide below.


The first class we’re going to be talking about is the m16. The m16 is really good in this game because it offers a very versatile mobile gun with also added potential to one burst kill people in this game track.

I really love their burst guns they’re almost good in every single cod think back to like bo3, there’s always some sort of crazy burst gun that trek puts in other games that’s really good and the m16 appears to be one of them.


The AUG is basically a slower moving m16. However the AUG seems to get a little bit more consistent one burst kills. It kills faster a little bit more consistently so you’re kind of trading off a bit of movement that you get with the m16 for a little bit higher if you will one burst potential.

I highly recommend checking out both the m16 and the AUG and trying both of these guns out to see which one you really like.


If you don’t use gunfighter this mp5 is for you. For the muzzle you want to use the agency suppressor the mp5. That agency suppressor is not only going to hide you from the mini map but it’s also going to assist you in some recoil control.

With the mp5 got nerf they did add some recoil to the gun so this attachment kind of assists in kind of if you will countering that nerf that they tried to put on it. For the barrel you want to use the 9.5 inch reinforced heavy barrel.

The body you want to use the five milli watt lasers. For the under barrel you’re going to use the regular four grip attachment and for the magazine you’re going to want to use the salvo 50 round fast mag you can as well also switch that out with the regular 40 round drum.


Famas is probably one of the best if not the best fully automatic rifles right now in black ops cold war. Yes, this is better than your xm4 or ak-47. It does have a little bit of recoil


After the mp5’s recent nerf this gun is 100 the new best SMG in cold war. If you are looking for the gun for the use as SMG then you should check Ak-74u out.

Weapon Leveling in Call of Duty Cold War

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