Pool tables: The Best That you Can Find Now

First of all, you need to push off from the dimensions of the room in width to the length and height where the pool table will stand. We calculate the size of the playing field of the table plus the length of the cue on each side of the table for the “Russian pyramid” 160 cm, for the “pool” 145 cm. The length of the cue for the “Russian pyramid” is 150 – 160 cm, for the “pool” it is always 145 cm.

The Right Choices

  • The floors of the room where pool equipment is installed must withstand a load of up to 200 kilograms per square meter, the room must be heated, with a constant temperature, humidity should not exceed 65%, the pool table should be no closer than 2 – 2.5 meters from open fire (fireplace, stove).
  • The playing field is set at a level of 75 – 82 cm. From the floor, the lamp is located above the playing field of the table at a height of 80 – 90 cm. Pool tables 7-9 feet have four legs, 10 foot – six legs, 12 foot have eight legs.
  • Below are the minimum sizes of pool rooms. If your room is ideally sized for your chosen pool table, but there is a so-called “dead zone” (column, protrusion) along the path of the cue, do not despair, we recommend using a shortened cue of 120-130 cm. you can go for the pool table brands

The Best Options

In our century of modern technology, you can find pool tables made from various artificial materials, up to the game cover. Most often this is due to the desire of manufacturers to reduce the cost of production and equipment for production. Such manufacturers practically do not leave anything natural and natural for the sake of cost reduction, or simply because of the inability to provide their production with high-quality raw materials and necessary equipment.

  • There are not many manufacturers who use natural and traditional materials in production, which are supplied to us by nature itself (natural wood and natural stone), which fully meet all the requirements for the production of pool equipment, as this entails certain difficulties and costs.
  • Pool tables made of natural wood can easily withstand multiple assembly and disassembly (in the event of relocation, relocation or resale), such tables always remain beautiful and pleasant.
  • Pool tables made of artificial material (MDF, veneer, etc.) quickly lose their appearance; chips, dents, and various deformations appear on them more often and faster. Such tables are often not recommended to be disassembled and assembled, since the fastening points quickly fail.


Pool tables on a metal frame have a lot of weight and good stability, but they lose in aesthetics. Such tables are completely hung with imitation wood products of low quality, or chipboard and MDF, etc., which cover the metal frame and create a deceptive appearance of a wooden structure. Over time, all the decorative products covering the metal frame become loose, begin to dangle, lose proportionality with respect to each other. For example, accidentally touching a foot, or a drawer, you can see how she budged or moved, this does not cause a pleasant impression. But at the same time, the design of the table itself will be strong and reliable, you can’t move it exactly, even if you really want.


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